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Michael Klug: Chief Probation Officer
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"Together, Making a Difference"

Community Resource Liaison
Many returning citizens find it difficult to reenter into society. They sometimes know what they need to do, but do not know where to start. Reentering into a community seems daunting to those who must experience it. To assist men and women under supervision with the U.S. Probation Office, they have access to a Community Resource Liaison to provide community resources and help put them in positions to succeed. This is not limited to employment and being job ready as the U.S. Probation Office also focuses on family reintegration, providing community service, rent assistance, and career training.

If you need assistance, or if you are a community agency interested in partnering with the Eastern District of Wisconsin U.S. Probation Office, please contact Stephen McMillan, the Community Resource Liaison, at (414) 727-3395 or Stephen_McMillan@wiep.uscourts.gov.