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Michael K. Klug : Chief Probation Officer

WIEP Job Opportunities

Always accepting applications, complete an AO78 - Application for Judicial Branch Federal Employment (pdf)
Submit to: U. S. Probation Office at jobs_wiep@wiep.uscourts.gov

Internship Opportunity
Internship Application (pdf) (Also in Doc)
Internship Manual (pdf)
Internship Overview (pdf)
Intern Confidentiality Agreement (pdf)

Officer Job Infomation
Officer and Officer Assistant Medical Requirements
Officer and Officer Assistant Medical Qualification Standards

General Job Infomation
Video: About working for the U.S.Courts!
Video: Federal Judiciary Careers: Probation and Pretrial Services
Career Possibilities
Code of Conduct
Officers and Officer Assistants
Probation and Pretrial Services Careers Profile
Probation Pretrial Services on the U.S. Courts website
Federal Courts Information
Chart of Available Benefit Programs

Please be advised that these are simply an illustration of how the judiciary supports employees through contributions to benefits that provide the total compensation package. These illustrations are not designed for a specific position and the data is based on national averages of seasoned employees. They do not reflect actual salary or potential benefit variances upon entrance on duty. However, these do illustrate the percentage benefit contribution so it provides some important information for potential employees.
Law Enforcement Total Compesation Illustration (pdf)
Office Clerical Total Compesation Illustration (pdf)
Technical Position Total Compesation Illustration (pdf)

About our Office
Parking around the US Probation Office
Counties covered by our office
Charter for Excellence

About the Court and Community Series: Fact Sheets
About the Federal Courts
Benefits of Supervision (pdf)
Community Service (pdf)
Employment for Persons Under Supervision (pdf)
Home Confinement (pdf)
Mental Health Treatment (pdf)
Pretrial Services Officers (pdf)
Probation Officers (pdf)
Substance Abuse Treatment (pdf)
The U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services System (pdf)

Some of these documents require a PDF viewer to open you can download Acrobat Reader for free from here.